Stock control software for bonded warehouses and distributors.

Bottles of wines and beer


Mbond is a multi-user application software package. It is designed to take the effort out of controlling the distribution of goods from bonded warehouses.

Those of you who have operated a bonded warehouse scheme of control will be all too familiar with the level of control which you are required to demonstrate to your Local Customs/Excise Officer. We are delighted to introduce MBOND as a tool which you can use to provide the controls you need with the minimum amount of effort.


For movements of goods, MBOND transmits the required electronic documents to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in the UK or to the Revenue in Ireland.

MBOND allows you to keep track of the status of each Electronic Accompanying Document (EAD) and to track the messages sent and received concerning each EAD.

Third-party or own-product operations

The first thing to make clear is that MBOND is equally at home either with bonded warehouses which distribute products on behalf of others or simply distribute their own products for onward sale.

Stock Control

At the heart of MBOND the stock control package is designed for warehouses which handle goods including:

  • Beers Wines and Spirits
  • Tobacco, Cigars and Cigarettes
  • Perfumes and Toilet Waters
  • Non-liquid cased goods and articles

Duty Paid and Bonded Stock

All products can be held in multi-warehouse locations in bond or duty-paid with both separate and combined stock reporting.

  • Rotation numbers allocated manually or automatically
  • Multiple locations within a rotation within a warehouse
  • Full stock history by rotation and location
  • Gross weights held for logistical use
  • Flexibility in storage, handling and despatch charges
  • Picking and stock checking lists available on demand
  • Daily summary report by proprietor
  • Stock valuation by rotation
  • Closed account reports on demand

Customs Controls and Documentation

For operators of HMRC bonded warehouses, there is always the same, one over-riding consideration ... compliance with Customs and Excise regulations.

MBOND automatically produces the normal routine returns to HMRC and these can be sorted and printed by tax types or by Customs and Excise product groups:

  • Landing accounts
  • Daily schedule of receipts and deliveries
  • W5 or W5D with Acquisition VAT
  • W5 or W5D with Deferred VAT
  • W6, W6D with Acquisition VAT
  • W6, W6D with Deferred VAT
  • W70,W71 (ships stores)
  • W8 (transfer to UK bonded warehouses)
  • C88 equivalent (Movement of goods)
  • AAD (Goods subject to Excise duty)
  • W1

Period reporting is available for most of the SAD documents (W5D, C88 etc)

In addition to the statutory returns, MBOND maintains a full audit trail which records who did what and when they did it.

MBOND has a separate set of programs for the use of HMRC officers in their supervision of your operations.